Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields owns 34 properties and operates primarily in the Skilled Nursing Industry since 2004. The company operates in Illinois and Indiana

  • A real estate company that owns 40 nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. Out of which one propertyis an office building used for clinics. The nursing homes are leased, operated and managed by 13 different renters and obtain 4,324 beds.
  • The properties are located in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Texas, Michigan and Oklahoma
  • Most lease agreements are Tripe Net (operation and maintenance costs are paid fully by the renters).
  • The company is entitled to a monthly rent.
  • The lease are long-term with an avarege annual rent raise of 1%-3%
  • Most tenants in the company’s nursing homes are long-term patients who require prolong hospitalization,medical care and rehabilitation

Balance Sheet Highlights (Q3/ 2015):

Equity $138MM
Net debt to capital ratio Approx. 60%
net profit $27.3MM


November 2015, Straweberry Fields has completed raising  of $265MM in bonds
on the Tel-Aviv Stock exchange 

Securities Strawberry Fields REIT
Amount of issuanc ILS265MM ($70MM)
Total Demand at the Tender Offerin ILS415MM ($106MM)
Yield 6.4%
Coupon Payments Twice a year as of July 2017 until 2024
Principal Payments 4 equal payments of 10% 2017-2020                                       4 equal payments
Duration 4.0 Years
Rating A (Midroog)
Security None
Covenants Light & uninterrupting



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